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Three Sisters

Yellow Angel

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Reading fox kitsune textile art doll_edited.jpg

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  • "This is such a beautiful doll. Beautifully made. A unique artist! Will treasure her - She means a lot to me! Thanks so much Sonya!"

  • "It is such an amazing art work. The Heart makes me smile. I’ve bought it as a surprise gift to my family on Valentine’s Day, can’t wait to see their reaction. Packaging and timing were great. Thank you!!"

  • "Hi Sonya, got home late last night and opened up the parcel. It was better than Christmas! She's so beautiful and exactly how I'd imagined she would be. I can't believe how well you've interpreted my wishes. I just love her and her shoes are blowing my mind! Gorgeous. Thank you so much!"

Mixed media art doll

"Making creatures allows me to preserve and express memories and impressions from reading, watching, visiting and seeing, and the dilemmas that we face."


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