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Mistress of the Copper Mountain


This doll is a character from the wonderful and magical tales by Pavel Bazhov. His stories describe the life of miners in the 19th century, before the abolition of slavery. She used to help the daring and the talented, and to punish the greedy. "The plait was blue-black, and not dangling, as our girls' plaits do, but as if it were glued to her back. The ends of the ribbons were red, or maybe green; they were see-through and jingled, like copper sheets. [...] The dress was made of silky malachite. There is such kind. A rock, but looks like silk..." She had an army of lizards - all colours: green, blue, clay colour with golden specks... I gave her a copper lizard as a companion.

The doll's necklace is made of real malachite.

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