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A night owl's diary

Updated: May 1

One evening a couple of weeks ago I got such a strong itch in my hands to make something RIGHT NOW that I couldn’t get to sleep. A picture of a city at night came to my mind, something one would see out of the window. And it was partly inspired by the recent Venus-Saturn display:   

Although I don’t live an a city anymore, I thought I would combine my rural view from the window with the memories of the city: 

 This is what came out of it:

It is a cover for a diary or a journal, A5 size. I’ve got a stash of very nice hardcover lined notebooks with ribbon bookmarks, so this is what’s inside the cover. Once I finish with this post (and, judging by the time, with the dinner for the family), I will list it in my Etsy shop!

#notebook #записнаякнижка #felt #applique #journal #diary #обложка #дневник #город #фетр #аппликация

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