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I’ve been undergoing reorganisation 💪

It started with addressing the core values 📜😄, with the result of me re-painting my bedroom from 15-year-old magnolia into Moonlight White and Cosy Grey (just the names make me feel all soothed!) and adding a crystal chandelier. I realised I would really like to talk about all the interesting things I've collected, because they all have a story, so that will be the subject of other posts.

The next step is operations management. I am currently moving premises. I had to face the reality that my beautiful and cosy garden-facing work room, which I used for the last two years, does not serve me anymore. It is not well insulated, and doesn’t do much between12ºC and 30ºC, unfortunately. So I am moving upstairs, into a spare bedroom, with a view on the road, but with much more space and comfortable temperature throughout the year. It’s quite a big project, which I plan to finish within the next couple of weeks, my lower back permitting.

All this means less art for now, but I am really looking forward to re-starting in a decluttered, thought-through and well-organised work space 🧘🏻‍♀️🎨🧵

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