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Bathrobe upcycle project – quick towel

I had a towelling bathrobe, which got worn out at the collar, but had loads of good towelling fabric left in it. It was too much just to throw it out, so it has been lying various places around the house waiting for me to do something with it. First I cut it along the seams, removed the pockets and dyed it in the washing machine with half a pack of Dylon purple machine dye. When I laid it out, it turned out to be not enough to make a bathrobe for my 8 year old daughter, as I originally planned. So I decided to make a towel out of the back piece, since it was the largest. I had a piece of cotton fabric with pretty floral pattern, which kind of matched: it has a light and a dark purple, and my dyed fabric is in between.

I didn’t want to spend too much time and effort on it, so for this project I didn’t do almost any cutting. I ripped the towelling fabric to get a perfect rectangle, and I also ripped the patterned fabric along the cross grain to make strips 5 cm wide. These are to serve as bias binding, except that they don’t have to be on the bias, because I am working only with straight seams.

It took some time to press the strips lengthwise. I was tempted many times to buy the gadget for making bias binding, but every time stopped myself: since I mostly do recycling/upcycling sewing projects, I don’t want the costs to go out of proportion. So I do it by hand:

The binding was then pinned onto the towelling fabric to enclose its raw edges, and stitched.

And here is the result:

  It’s too thin to be used as a bath towel, but works perfectly as a hand towel. Which made me think about making matching wash cloths from the remaining pieces…          

#sewatowel #biasbinding #upcycling #recyclingoldclothes #сшитьполотенце #frugalliving #изстарыхвещей

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