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Brooches, brooches, brooches

Another family birthday is looming, now it’s my husband’s – tomorrow! The present is half-finished, still some work to be done. It is meant to be a surprise, so everything I can say now is that it is made of fabric and felt. It’s not going to be easy to finish, since it’s Sunday today, and everybody is home. I think I will enlist the childeren’s help – to raise alarm if he is coming into the room. After the finished «product» is officially unveiled tomorrow morning during the celebrative breakfast (croissants, as we do for every birthday in our family), I’ll post the photos here.

I’ve been watching Etsy Success videos while crafting, and the most frequent advice to improve the sales is to add more items to the shop. So I decided to make a stock of my most popular flower brooches: 

They are available to buy from the shop.

Still more to cut and sew. I am also trying new colour combinations: 

A month ago I had my first experience of selling at a crafts fair. It was terrifying, I was so nervous! As probably with anything that one does for the first time, it was far from a smashing success. But luckily, it was a small local crafts fair – perfect for practice, I think.  I made lots of girly brooches for that fair, and I just realized that they never made it to the blog. So here they are:

Most of them are now available from my shop.

Yesterday I asked my girls if they would like to be models for the owl and girly brooches. They were thrilled! So one day soon we’ll organize a photoshoot – looking forward to that.

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