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Crochet cowl scarf

During summer, one of the children’s projects involved yarn, so I allowed them to look in my stash. Then one thing led to another: the girls left the yarn where the puppy could get it, the puppy got it, and as a result, next day I had this beautiful dark-red acryl yarn spread all over the lawn.  Luckily, it was dry, but the yarn became a large tangle, which existence annoyed me for weeks. So I decided to use it up by crocheting a scarf. I found the scheme here. The yarn was double-knitting, as far as I remember, and I used hook size 5, as I tend to crochet very tightly. A few rows in I realized that I made a mistake: the loops of 3 chain stitches (row number 4 in the diagram) became loops of 4 stitches in my hands… But it didn’t look bad, so I continued with 4 for the rest of the scarf. And, of course, by the time I got to the end of the tangle, it became evident that what came out is too short to be just a long lacy scarf. So I joined the last row (which in my case was the row of loops, number 4 in the diagram) to the first row, and turned it into a cowl. Here is what it looks like:

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