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Crochet wrist warmers

I’ve been wanting to make gloves for myself for a long time. Unfortunately, I cannot knit properly, so it had to be crochet. Crochet, however, is always a bit stiff, even if done loosely, compared to knitting – at least that’s how it is when I do it. And gloves with stiff fingers did not seem too practical!  So I settled on fingerless gloves, or wrist warmers – in the warm UK climate this should be sufficient on most days. Here is the pattern that I used, borrowed from this page:

Some time ago I bought a pack of four skeins of wool because of its rich dark red colour and fluffy texture. The red wool is combined with silver and black-and-white yarns, which makes it look properly wintery. I only bought it for the red threads, and some of them have been used for doll hair (Garnet and Bronze), while the remains were waiting for a suitable project idea.

It took about 3 hours in total, and, as far as I remember, less than 50 g of wool. Here is the result:

They actually turned out to be more practical than I thought. I was afraid that the fingers will freeze, but it seems that if the wrists are warm, it does keep the fingers warm too. And last, but not least, they allow to show off the claws!  🙂

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