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Doorstop "Poppy cottage"

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The party weekend went well, everyone seemed to have enjoyed it, especially the birthday girl. She received a crafts kit as a present – to sew little bags and purses out of foam sheets. With the help of her sister, all the projects were done in a couple of hours. The next thing I saw was them carefully arranging and taking pictures of each of the pieces they made. I am really happy they are picking up crafts skills – whatever they do in life, it’s very satisfying to make things with your own hands!

Now back to my unfinished projects. A friend of mine asked me to make a doorstop for her in a shape of a house. The house was to be with poppies, to match her favourite tea set.

I started with cutting out and machine-stitching together «the walls» and «the floor». 

 After that it was the time for the windows and the door. I really enjoyed making them! I tried different colours of felt for what would be the inside of the house as seen through the window. Black didn’t look good, light grey also didn’t really create the right impression, so I settled on mousy-grey. Next layer – white curtains, and on top of them – brown window frame, machine-stitched to keep everything in place. The door was made as a real door would be assembled from wooden planks, except instead of wood and nails  I used  strips of brown felt and machine-stitching.

Then, of course, there was the turn for poppies: the flowers and leaves were cut out of felt and glued onto the walls,  and the stems were embroidered with a chain stitch. 

Next – the inside. I looked for the cheapest clean sand to buy in reasonable quantities, and the best price I found was from Tesco – £2.26 for 10 kg. The sand in a bag was wet, so it took several days for it to dry before I could place the fabric bag with sand into the doorstop.

Then the roof trouble began. I made it by stitching four triangles of brown felt into the pyramid shape – that didn’t take long. But then I couldn’t figure out how to attach it to the walls. I thought and thought about it, and looked at it, and turned it this way and that way…

This is a lesson I’ve learnt from several of my previous projects: it’s better to let it sit and wait for the right technical solution, then to rush and finish it in a way I am not entirely happy with. 

I am considering using this process to make my first proper tutorial, with patterns and photos of the process, so any feedback on how useful this would be is very welcome!

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