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Flower pincushion

Updated: May 1

I finally got to handle the REAL sheep wool. Having grown up in a city, it was an unforgettable experience! During our trip to Ireland, Beara peninsula, I saw children playing with sheep wool. I didn’t know exactly what I could use it for, but I wanted some anyway, and a kind farmer gave me a whole bag. What I hadn’t realized was that the wool was in its most native state and needed some work before it could be used for anything. On the way back from Ireland it felt like we had a live sheep in the car, even though the wool was sealed in two layers of plastic bags… But a thorough washing (according to instructions found on the internet) turned it into something soft and fluffy and very pleasant to handle.

Wool for art doll hair
Wool for art doll hair

I read somewhere that sheep wool is the best stuffing for the pincushions, as the residual oil on the fibres lubricates the pins and prevents rust. Don’t know how much oil is actually left after washing the wool, but I wanted to try. A new pincushion was on my “to do” list for months. A piece of an old green sponge that I used as a pincushion was an eyesore, and it was tiring having to crop it off the photos. Here is what came out of it:

Pincushion, pin cushion, подушечка для булавок

Pincushion, pin cushion, подушечка для булавок

It’s too early to say anything about rust, but it’s definitely better than sponge, cotton wool (both too hard) or polyester wool (doesn’t hold the pins well).

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