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Georgian cross part 2

I finally managed to finish the purse with a Georgian Cross motif. 

Making the lining was infuriating, with threads from fraying edges all over the place. Melting them slightly with a candle helped. Another difficult part was to get the size right for the lining – it came out too large first, so the purse looked like in was stuffed with brown fabric, and nothing else would really fit. But eventually it was all put together, and I am very pleased with the result.

An overexposed photo to show off the lining – my pride and joy!

Now I really have to keep myself away from any crafting activities and from the computer (which will take some self-restraint) and get on with preparing for Anastasia’s 6th birthay party tomorrow. Normally, we draw with the girls as to who makes the most mess in the living room, although I tell them off, but they don’t tell me off – life is unfair, really!

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