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Green crochet scarf and brooch

Updated: May 1

Here is the scarf! It wasn’t difficult at all, actually. I remember thinking when I was a student that I would never ever have the patience to finish a large crochet project. It took me 7 years to finish a flower poncho, and now – what a progress! – the scarf took only a couple of weeks in total. It took several goes of undoing the stitches because of mistakes (making triangles or pentagons instead of squares, or starting a new row along the long side of the scarf instead of the short), but luckily I never had to undo more than one row. When it was finished, I still dreaded spreading it out – what if there was a triangle lurking somewhere in the middle?

Since the scarf is quite dark, I thought it needed something to it. So I’ve also made a flower brooch in a lighter green shade. This Gluis Yarn is hand-spun by a local crafter ( and can be purchased in small skeins in a variety of colours. 

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