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It is three days as my Etsy shop is officially open. As of today, it has got 27 items in it!

I hope that this signifies the beginning of the new stage in my random crafting activities.

Therefore, here are my 9th of June 2012 resolutions:

1. To blog.

For the last few days I’ve been battling with myself. Isn’t blogging really like writing a diary – which is something really private, and then making it public? Br-r-r-r, this feels really uncomfortable, like stripping in public. On the other hand, I love making things with my hands, so why not write about it? No reason, my analytical abilities do not detect anything embarrassing here. So here it goes. My 9thof June resolution regarding the blog is that I write here at least once a week, and that I don’t delete the entries fifteen minutes after posting just so that no one finds out!

2. To do business properly.

My dream is to have a profitable crafts business. Somehow, despite growing up in a communist country (and I was at my most impressionable while it was still on) and the Christian messages about the unimportance of material wealth, I really want to make money with my crafts. I believe that the money reflects value to the other people or society (within reason, of course), so I want to make something that other people will find valuable enough to pay money for.

To motivate myself, I use a book that my mother gave me: “Make your creative dreams real” by SARK. Highly recommend! I just pick it up once in a while, open at a random page, look at all the messy writing and think: if her book can be so messy, than I am not too bad either.

Also, I AM going to register my business. But I am still hesitant about spending a big chunk of my redundancy pay on registering the trademark. I’ll give it another few weeks, I think.

#craftbusiness #craftselling #startingup

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