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Style: Art Deco black cat

Updated: May 1

One of the advices that I keep coming across when reading about selling crafts is this: make the shop consistent, develop a recognizable style. I can see that many of the successful shops do indeed look consistent: matching colours and patterns, defined sets of materials.

It’s very difficult though to apply this to myself, the simple reason being that I like variety in what I do. Crocheting for a couple of weeks, then hand-stitching cute felt things, then machine-sewing something less cute, more stylish (or so I say to myself), like iPad covers. Then – gemstone and bead jewellery. Then painting paper-mache boxes. Can it really be true that I have to pick just one and drop all the rest, or open one shop per each type of items I produce?

Maybe it’s a question of time. Maybe one gets fed up with many styles but one – probably the one that best reflects the personality?

Please share your story! Have you settled on one type and/or style, and if yes – how did it happen?

On the practical side: this is my Art Deco black cat, made from upcycled (or recycled?) wool fabric. It is 38 cm tall. I was considering giving it long eyelashes, but then its face would look like Bratz doll’s, and that was NOT what I wanted. As it is, it looks thoughtful and peaceful – I was actually pleased that I managed to give it the intended expression.

On even more practical side: the cat itself and the the PDF pattern are available for sale in my ETSY shop.

Art Deco sitting black cat art doll soft toy ornament
Cat art doll

Art Deco black cat soft toy art doll ornament сидящая черная кошка
Cat art doll

Art Deco sitting black cat soft toy art doll ornament сидящая черная кошка
Cat art doll

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